large wall art ideas online-The exploration of different styles of oil painting,Great Big Canvas more than a decade ago, has been heated debate and bold practice.
It has now been renewed, and more urgently.
What a delight!
Ten years imprisonment, suffocation,Black And White Painting rigid art life, from the negative education we: in addition to content, also must pay attention to artistic expression.
People hate that kind of hypocrisy content, but also can not bear that kind of imitation of the form, style.
The content is fabricated and requires "verisimilitude".
There was no feeling, no life, and no condition for a model.
Had to copy pictorial, copy photographs, made artificial, the same.
Imposed on people in the arts, all are forced to "appreciate" and "love" a genre, of course to cause great antipathy and confrontation.
Against the hypocrisy of photography,Contemporary Painting 

is not generally opposed to realistic style, expression techniques.
Otherwise, you go to the other extreme.
But at the moment the main problem is getting out of the box.
The content (theme) of the restricted area is to break through naturally, the style of the restricted area does not matter?
And the problem seems far more complex.
It is easier said than done.
This is not without reason. A little change in the form of honesty can still be exhibited and published. A little change can easily be described as "formalism" and "aestheticism".
Artists naturally want to be careful, or "honesty" a little insurance, "honesty" is realistic meaning, and realism is "realism".
Where did this idea come from?
Originally involves the question of oil painting, has been popular two kinds of view: "the feature of oil painting is the sense of reality!"
", "western modernist painting is totally decadent and decadent formalism, there is no merit!"
This seems to be an unwritten code and standard that distinguishes realism from formalism.
It's a no-go area, it's an academic question, and it's even more of an issue that the gang of four has done away with.
Although long argued and never resolved, as long as we do not adopt the policy of prohibition and repression, we will be allowed to argue academically, to criticize each other, to seek truth from facts, and to acknowledge the objective existence of things.
This can only benefit the development of art.
Now mainly from the decorative style of oil painting-EXTRA LARGE CONTEMPORARY PAINTING (or decorative) this point of view.

From the practical aspect, this paper discusses the views on the development of decoration style in western modern painting school, and what lessons can be drawn from their history to explore the development and nationalization of our decorative style oil painting.
In the criticism to the oil painting work, often hears like this: "how can oil painting like this?"
It's not about the level of art, it's about the method of expression.
To put it plainly, "painting is characterized by authenticity".
Is this generalization accurate?
Not at all.
The concept of oil painting neither refers to the method of expression nor the aesthetic standard. It refers to the performance of tools, materials and types of painting, which is different from prints, watercolors and other types of painting.
A technique of expression, or even a work of the same style, can be very different from one another.
So why is this a habitual concept?
Maybe there's a historical reason for that.
Oil painting is a young kind of painting in China, without its own national tradition, imported from the west.
The accepted influence was mainly the European painting tradition in the 19th century, but the general development was still after the liberation. Therefore, the influence of the Russian touring tradition was also needed.
(in fact, there is no contradiction between the two traditions, which Russia also sent from Italy and France.)
Any underestimation of this achievement of introduction is inappropriate, it is a good foundation, and it has played a great part in the revolution, as it has done and will continue to do, and it is not over.
However, due to various conditions, the original works of masters of various styles and genres in Europe are too few, and even better prints are rare. Therefore, the style often seen becomes the main and orthodox, which creates an impression, as if oil paintings are painted like this!
This is only one factor, and more importantly, the one-sidedness of some Soviet art theorists in the 1950s and '60s gave us a lot of influence.
For example: the deification tour school master, enhances the Russian school of painting the status, completely denies the various schools after impressionism and so on.
By the seventies, that view had become even more absurd.
The proliferation of the false photography which masquerades as realism causes the situation of dethroning all schools and dominating the painting circle.


How to decorate children room environmental protection - reduce decoration pollution
The simplest and most feasible method is to use material fastidiously,Great Big Canvas 2 it is to control dosage, basically be to control the quantity of wooden core board and paint.
That is in pursuit of luxurious decoration effect, full wallpaper packaging and the practice of making furniture full wall easily cause formaldehyde and other pollutants exceed the standard.

How does children's room decorate environmental protection - participate in planning together
Because the individual character of each child, be fond of somewhat different, accordingly, also can have difference to the decoration requirement of the room, parent might as well chat more with the child, understand its be fond of with demand, let the child participate in together design, decorate his room.

How does children's room decorate environmental protection - material soft nature
Because the active power of the child is strong, go up in the choice material of children room space so, appropriate with soft, natural material is beautiful, be like carpet, log, wall cloth or plastic to wait.
These durable, easily repaired, non-high-priced materials create a comfortable sleeping environment and leave parents with no safety concerns.

How to decorate children room environmental protection - lighting enough soft
Proper and adequate lighting can keep the room warm and safe, helping to dispel the fear of children when they are alone.
The tone is bright and lively.
The bedroom of children room or furniture is tonal, had better with bright,Large Canvas Art  relaxed, cheerful is choice direction, on colour and lustre might as well multidot contrast color.

How to decorate children's room environmental protection - need special attention pollution problem
One of the most worthy of our attention is pollution, mother in the selection of materials to pay special attention, especially paint.
In recent years, paint pollution poisoning incidents have occurred, many mothers are scared, do not dare to decorate the baby's room.
So, mom chooses paint, must see if it is healthy paint, whether is harmful to children's body.
Nowadays, healthy voice is very high, also be in near period of time, coating industry is aimed at the healthy problem of the child made a few healthy paint, the mother should be chosen carefully when decorate, the healthy problem of the child nots allow to ignore.

We all know, the speed that the baby grows up is very quick, parents need to change household to change a space to satisfy the need of the baby ceaselessly, the design of children furniture product nowadays already met agile and changeful requirement mostly, parents should choose this kind of can agile and changeful household for the child,Large Canvas Art Sale  satisfy the demand that the child grows later.

When we undertake adornment when, choose proper sedate towards the style, today a lot more and more person will be inclined to modern-day fact is engaged in add on, what characteristic does modern contracted adornment style have then?
Modern and basic decoration style features : color matching/large wall art ideas
Contemporary essence about adornment style is within the home outfit area color is applied on, have very distinctive notice ground, rich face colour is matched, satisfied the particular adornment demand of a lot of consumer. For example
bright light color, composed brunet department and soft color department apply, yet still should incorporate the particular practice of consumer become fond of to attempt change apply.

Modern simple decorative style features -- planning elements
Compare traditional household outfit style for, modern essence about adornment style will a few jumbled plan factor one simply by one abandoned, pass by means of relatively straightforward plan factor to run through entire space, build a
form of quiet and comfortable home environment next. Do not really need to undertake the program of too much partition, also do not have too much adornment to attempt to polish, need to place all dimensional style just clear, search
relevant system component and fittings adornment, can let a room shine, fine but not really cursory program.
Modern easy decorative style features -- concise modeling
Modern processed style in the spatial modeling, the overall spacious and transparent pattern of the visit a free sensation not impacted by the particular wall. No matter become wall ground, it is usually smallpox still, furniture, also
it really is lamps and lanterns modelling is relatively concise, but arge wall art ideas is extremely outstanding really, fastidious add on is refined. However in the particular space not fastidious excessive adornment, all modelling is concise, more
is to emphasize practical.
Features of modern simple decoration design -- data application
The particular whole space consists of such asymmetric lines as contour, for example the using the three-dimensional natural wavy objects such as pedicels, insect wings, etc., to decorate plus apply in the wall and furniture. Other whole
space is exquisite tempo sense, stereo changeful, let the curve of the particular space attach patch together. Nevertheless applied a lot of modern factor together, regarding example ceramic tile, iron art and pottery plus porcelain
items to wait, allow a space have contemporary art aesthetic feeling.
Modern simple decorative style functions - home decoration idea
Modern refined about design exquisite and implicit decor, through less decoration in order to build the space effect of enough and quit, space planning factors plus data as far since possible refined, black, white-colored and grey
tricolor is usually one of the most prevalent colour system. However the style is usually exquisite again beautiful color is matched, still pass the data which has simple sense, win more visible sense to the room.



For those of you who really don't like a lot of stuff — and I stress the word "really" — extra-large graphic art may become up your alley. Many times the lines or even pattern are quite busy which can make the entire space seem to be a sort of schizophrenic. By pairing it with just a few important items, the art really gets to be the particular star. Perhaps you have seen Dark Swan? If you are, you'll realize that there's usually just room for one breakout sensation to shine.

The particular parlor-style art grouping is becoming pretty the trend over the past couple of years. Exactly what is so great about this, you ask? Bang regarding your buck, women and germs. Think about this: 18 pieces of art spread all through 5 rooms makes much less of a impact than one great collection in a 12X16 room. They key to maintaining everything aesthetically correct is allowing the same distance between each piece. Within small to medium areas, two to three ins often works best.

Symmetrical groupings: a nifty way to pull in some huge impact, whether or not your subjects are more small-to-medium than overscale. Intimidated by dangling 12 framed pieces completely? Don't be! Lay them out on the floor atop contractor paper. As soon as they're in place, trace each one directly onto the paper with a pad or Sharpie. Next, indicate accurately where the picture-hanging wire sits on the particular paper. Tape the service provider paper on the walls, use a hammer to add picture nails into the marked area of the particular paper, destroy the document, then hang your artwork. Trust me, functions. Trying to eyeball it may become a Swiss parmesan cheese drywall catastrophe.

If large statements on the wall usually are accurately your thing, statue is another road in order to travel. While they may well not be the best option for kid spaces or even teency-weency apartments, they're the great way to expose a brand new shape into a good expansive room.
When I actually first got Kelly Wearstler's book, "Modern Glamour, " I took notice of her usage of organic shapes to break up inflexible lines. If you're like me and like things in order to be linear, a horse or dog statue is a great way to split up straight-line monotony. Check out ZGallerie's white equine bust; it's a excellent way to introduce sculpture-like art on the wall in a low price stage. If you have a good extra $12K sitting underneath your sofa cushions, move all out and invest it on a nine foot