Large wall art ideas
Who lives here: A couple and their 4-year-old son
Place: Zillah, Wa
Size: 150 square feet (14 square meters)
Designer: Caitie McQuaid, founder and principal developer at CM Fresh Perspectives
Before: A huge room in this family’s Zillah, Wa, home was divided into two: an entertainment area on one side and a craft area on the other. The shells of entertainment units separating the two areas are seen in the picture of the
previous craft area above.
Scope of work: There was two main goals for this project: make the room better and organize the things within it. The couple hired designer Caitie McQuaid to transform the space. They knew a professional developer was an
investment but having someone else plan, order and hunt down supplies liberated them up to spend more time together as a family.
“I would say the one principle I follow when creating any small space is utilizing as much sq . footage as possible without intruding on important floor space, ” McQuaid states. “That means using uncomfortable spaces in your favor,
going up not out and allowing as much light in as possible. ”

Style: “We borrowed color, design and texture from other design styles to create a cohesive and well balanced space that reflected [the homeowner] and her sense of creativity, ” McQuaid says.
Action stool: white, Bekväm, Ikea; ceiling light: Westrem 2-light semi-flush mount, Mercer41; area rug: indoor-outdoor in turquoise, Charlton Home
Storage: At the beginning of the task, McQuaid cleared everything out of the room to evidently see the room and categorize items by type and size. These types of steps allowed her to purchase the proper furnishings in the right amounts.
The newest wall provided the space needed for an expansive storage space system. “These IKEA shelves [were] perfect for adding storage for create supplies and toys, ” McQuaid says. The diverse shapes, sizes and colors of storage bins
give the room a curated look.


Shelving: Kallax, Ikea; storage boxes: pink, white and light blue, Tjena, Ikea; storage bins: aqua striped, gray/aqua and plastic aqua, Pillowfort, Target; storage cubes: Recollections, Michaels; desk chair: Shellman in eco-friendly,
The completed design left this family with more than a beautifully Large wall art ideas. Mother and her son love they can now spend more time creating and less time looking for products. That also means the lady can spend more time with her
child, that was the key goal of the project.
Children’s desk and chair set: Justine Windsor, Viv + Rae