Large Abstract Paintings also presents a new vitality and vitality in its creation. Essentially speaking, oil painting is a change from the rational thinking of the West. Under the constant influence of Impressionism and abstractionism, it has achieved a new development. And for oil painting, it always gives people an elegant impression. Under the blurred lines, oil painting gives people a sense of visual blurring, which gives people a kind of experience of looking at flowers in fog. At the same time, it can enhance people's visual enjoyment and give people a sense of beauty. But in the process of examining oil painting, it is clear that distance is needed. If it is too close, it will be disturbed by factors such as reservoir and brush strokes.


The so-called return of traditional elements is to integrate western Black and White Abstract Canvas painting theory into Chinese traditional culture in order to form new content and endow oil painting with new artistic conception and connotation. And in this fusion, oil painting put on a unique Chinese style, which also promoted oil painting to get a new space for development.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the times, new things and ideas are constantly promoting the integration and unification of contents in various fields. By using modern technology and means to replace traditional manual work, and by emancipating rational thinking, oil painting can realize its value in the process of development, and make oil painting achieve a new transformation and development. At the same time, it can lay a foundation for the later creation and development of Black and White Abstract Canvas Art. These factors have become the most fundamental reason for oil painting innovation. On the contrary, it is also the continuous development of oil painting technology that promotes the development of oil painting itself and keeps pace with the trend of the times. Whether in the peak period or in the lonely period, the techniques of oil painting creation will continue to move forward. In the process of the emergence of Western oil painting, oil painting was given a way of expression of culture. Before oil painting formed a civilized art, it covered all the elements that art should have. This also guarantees the freedom of thought in the process of creating oil paintings. And under the concept advocated by Western civilization, oil painting in the long-term development process, also implies the pursuit of spiritual level, and actively encourage the development of this spirit.

Oil painting, as a form of development, also encourages the development of this spiritual concept. And for Extra Large Modern Canvas Art oil painting, it is not only the product of artistic creation, but also the way of cultural transmission. By constantly showing its charm to people, it can leave valuable spiritual wealth for people in the long-term development tide of centuries. For each development stage of oil painting, they are laying the foreshadows for the next development stage, and each development stage is a new trend in the last development process.