On Friday night, in the basement of the guggenheim museum auditorium, Large Abstract Art Jeff koons in its usual calm and calm tone, told a packed audience below he often do
before you go to sleep, "in the evening, I a person like the thing is, when my wife is ready to go to bed,Extra Large Black and White Canvas and my children have to go to sleep, I
will surf the Internet", he said excitedly, "and I can only see Picasso's work. LARGE ACRYLIC PAINTING CONTEMPORARY ART 

Koons says Marshall duchamp has long had a profound influence on him, but over the past two decades, he has come to like and admire Picasso more and more.
In fact, he has already started collecting Picasso and has lent one of his Picasso paintings to "Picasso: black and white", now in the guggenheim gallery upstairs.
A 1969 painting depicting a balding man rudely kissing a woman now hangs near the top of the guggenheim rotunda.

Mr. Koons, a former student at the art institute of Chicago,Large Abstract Wall Art said he used to see Picasso's 50-foot-tall steel sculptures in daley plaza.
"I watched the kids climb on it," he recalled. "I climbed on it too!"Pepe carmel, an art historian who joined Mr. Koons' guggenheim conversation, said that Mr. Koons and the exhibition's curators spent four hours visiting Picasso's black-and-white exhibition -- and that Mr. Koons had a lot to say.Dr. Carmel was particularly surprised by Mr. Koons's reaction to Picasso's 1926 work, "the milliner's workshop."
"You mentioned, 'there was a lot of joy.
'" he said, adding that for him it was a "weird black picture.
It was a large painting with many gray and black shapes, and it showed Picasso's young lover Mary therese walter and her sister living with their mother.
Picasso's head seemed to come through a door."Just the smooth lines seem to express an optimism," koons explains.
The picture of the painting was on the screen behind him, and he was staring at the green laser spot on the bulb.
"It almost looks like a hand opening a door handle, but it can be seen as a symbol of Mary therese touching his penis," he enthuses.
There was some nervous laughter from the audience.